Tonight I am getting over you

Tonight I am getting over you

I will step into the shower and wash you out of my hair

But this time I will be thorough, I will clean behind the ears where our conversations still linger

Undelivered promises, wishful thinking at its best

By the sink I shall rinse the mouth that I wanted you to share, gargle and spit out the words that  have only been heard by you

This time when I dress it will be for me,

I will no longer dress with your attention in mind

For no combination of garments ever made you see me

The mascara I put on will be for me,

And the blemishes that I paint over will be for me

For no amount of makeup ever convinced you that I was beautiful

Finally when I am done, I will inspect myself in the mirror as always

The outfit chosen for me now I have accepted that you are not for me


Setbacks: A letter to myself

With this blog, I aim to make a concerted effort for it to be an honest representation of how I feel at any given time. I want to stress the word honest, because for me, the moment it ceases to be honest, is the moment it loses its purpose.

I started off this semester very well intentioned, but life got in the way as I like to say. Having to go home several times during the start of term, plus suffering from a few illnesses has meant that I have not been able to do all the things I had planned.

Now the rational thing to do would be to focus on what’s important and not beat myself up for not being able to tick every little task off. I literally only just realised that as I wrote the former sentence. The intention of this post was for it to be an apology¬† for my inability to post weekly. However even that defeats the purpose of this blog. This is my escape, my hobby, my little project. It reflects my truth. If sometimes I am too busy to post then my absence demonstrates that. As they say life happens.